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Together with our clients in Austria and beyond, we develop solutions in the field of transport and mobility. Our clients include small and large municipalities, cities and states as well as companies and property developers. We have already worked with the following selection of clients:

In the course of the past years, Snizek + Partner Verkehrsplanung already carried out numerous traffic analyses, traffic modeling and expert opinions for the Austrian freeway operator ASFINAG. References include the traffic analyses for the environmental impact assessment (EIA) for the S1 incl. Lobautunnel as well as for the S8 Marchfeld Schnellstraße. Furthermore, S+P Verkehrsplanung supported ASFINAG in its road safety efforts and carried out Road Safety Audits (RSA) and Road Safety Inspections (RSI) on the Austrian freeway and expressway network.

Snizek + Partner Verkehrsplanung supports ÖBB Infrastruktur AG in its efforts to expand the railroad network throughout Austria with traffic engineering expertise. E.g. for the upgrade of the northern railroad, the track extension of the line Meidling-Mödling or the planning of the local traffic junction Franckviertel in the city of Linz. S+P Verkehrsplanung provides expert input on the enivronmental impact assessments (EIA) of rail infrastructure expansion and for example also delivered planning services for the construction of ÖBB’s Vienna Central Station.

S+P Verkehrsplanung is located in Vienna and is involved in a wide range of projects to further improve Vienna’s transport system also. This includes planning services in the course of urban development (Seestadt Aspern) and the extension of the subway network (metro line U5). In addition, a study on the topic of e-scooters was prepared on behalf of the City of Vienna, which forms the technical basis for the legal regulation of the use of e-scooters in Austria’s capital.

We have already actively supported the province of Lower Austria in numerous projects with our expertise and planning competence: For example in road construction projects such as the realized bypasses in Mistelbach, Wieselburg or Zwettl. On the subject of bypass roads, Snizek + Partner Verkehrsplanung also worked on a study that scientifically analyzes the benefits of local bypasses. Furthermore, many communities in Lower Austria trust the expertise of Snizek + Partner.

Snizek + Partner Verkehrsplanung is continuously consulted by the city of Amstetten in the course of various traffic-related issues. This cooperation has already resulted in numerous tailor-made traffic solutions – e.g. for bicycle traffic, urban expansion areas or for the planning of an encounter zone. In addition, companies located in Amstetten, such as the formwork technology specialist Doka GmbH, also rely on the professional know-how of S+P Verkehrsplanung.

For the municipality of Pressbaum, Snizek + Partner developed a traffic concept, which serves as a planning basis for the shift of traffic towards active and sustainable forms of mobility. The concept was developed together with the political decision makers and with the involvement of the population. The traffic concept of S+P Verkehrsplanung was awarded as a top project of the province of Lower Austria. Several measures are already being implemented in town located in Lower Austria.

Snizek + Partner continuously advises the municipality of Ebreichsdorf (district of Baden in Lower Austria) on various transport related topics. Thus, the traffic concept Ebreichsdorf was developed, a freeway junction was analyzed and a cost-benefit analysis for the Ebreichsdorf bypass was carried out.

The municipality of Achau is located at the eastern edge of the district of Mödling in Lower Austria and has already been consulted by Snizek + Partner Verkehrsplanung on various mobility-related tasks. Thus, traffic counts and speed measurements were carried out in the local area of Achau. In addition, several expert opinions and traffic studies were carried out in connection with various construction projects, such as the SPAR supermarket.

Klosterneuburg is the third largest city in Lower Austria and is located between the Danube and the Wienerwald near to Vienna. Snizek + Partner Verkehrsplanung developed the mobility concept Klosterneuburg 2030+ for the urban development plan of the city. Here, goals of traffic development were provided with concrete measures, so that in Klosterneuburg active work is done to shift traffic to sustainable forms of mobility.

ecoplus – Niederösterreichs Wirtschaftsagentur GmbH supports investors and companies in the settlement and expansion of businesses in Lower Austria and manages several business parks. Snizek + Partner has already worked on several projects for the Industrial Center Lower Austria South, which is managed by ecoplus, and created its mobility concept. In addition, Snizek + Partner Verkehrsplanung also prepared traffic engineering reports and transport studies for other business parks.

City of Split: S+P Verkehrsplanung developed a master plan for the major city in the south of Croatia in an EBRD project. Together with the Austrian partners iC Consulenten and ÖIR, a comprehensive plan for the urban port and an urban expansion area in Split was developed. Further projects in Eastern Europe were implemented by Snizek + Partner during the last decades, e.g. in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania or Northern Macedonia.

Auer Signal GmbH is a leading global manufacturer specialized in the development, design, production and distribution of signaling technology. In the context of the relocation of the company site of Auer Signal, Snizek + Partner Verkehrsplanung developed a mobility concept to meet the diverse mobility needs of the employees. In addition to the corporate mobility management of Auer Signal, a traffic expertise was prepared for its location in Wiener Neudorf.

For the logistics center of the internationally active retail group REWE Group, a traffic study was prepared in the course of the new planning of the location in an industrial center south of Vienna. Snizek + Partner Verkehrsplanung also advised REWE regarding several other sites.  

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