Mobility Concepts

When designing the future of mobility, we support you in analyzing problems, define goals together with you and find ways to realize them. We develop mobility concepts in the following areas:
  • Mobility concepts for cities and communities
  • Mobility concepts for regions and regional development programs
  • Corporate mobility management
  • Cycling concepts and cycling planning


mobility concept of Ebreichsdorf
mobility concept of Klosterneuburg
mobility concept of Langenlois
mobility concept of Pressbaum
mobility concept of Ybbs a. d. Donau

mobility concept of the Fischa region
mobility concept of the Mödling region
master plan for the city of Split, Croatia
mobility concept for the stadium of St. Pölten
regional programm Seenland

cycling concept Mistelbach
mobility concept for the region of Vienna International Airport
terminal concept for ÖBB (Austrian rail roads)

Traffic expertise

We can assess your traffic issues with our comprehensive expertise. We prepare traffic appraisals for the public sector as well as for companies and private individuals. We prepare traffic appraisals for the following areas:
  • Traffic planning and traffic engineering
  • Road and rail
  • Traffic safety


expertises in zoning procedures
expert opinions for construction processes
swept path analysis
traffic expertises in the context of Austrian road law

Traffic surveys

Together with our clients, we develop a basis for decision-making and show how mobility should be organised to meet future challenges. We provide traffic surveys, studies and analyses for a wide range of clients and at all scales.
  • Individual transport and public transport
  • Environmental Impact Assesment (EIA)
  • Traffic safety analyses
  • Mobility surveys, traffic counts, node flow analyses, speed measurements


expansion of the north railway from Vienna to the state boarder with the Czech Republic
expansion of the western railway (Köstendorf-Salzburg)
4-track extension Meidling-Mödling
expansion of the Pottendorfer Line (Lower Austria)

A22 Donauufer Autobahn (highway)
S8 Marchfeld Schnellstraße (expressway)
S36 Murtal Schnellstraße (expressway)
road safety audits / road safety inspections (RSA / RSI)

cost benefit analysis (CBA) and economic feasability studies

speed measurements Achau
bicycle countings Lower Austria
traffic countings Vienna
survey of goods crossing the Alps (Federal Ministry of Transport)
mobilty survey for the communities of Ebreichsdorf, Pressbaum and Klosterneuburg

Transport modelling and simulation

We use established software solutions to analyze traffic impacts at different scales with transport models and microsimulations, calculate traffic forecasts and thus find customized solutions.
  • Transport models (PTV VISUM)
  • Traffic simulations (PTV VISSIM)


A22 Donauufer Autobahn (highway)
S1 Wiener Außenring Schnellstraße (expressway)
S8 Marchfeld Schnellstraße (expressway)
S31 Burgenland Schnellstraße (expressway)
S36 Murtal Schnellstraße (expressway)
regional roads B10/B60
study for highway junction A10 ASt Grödig

simulation of A2 highway junction IZ NÖ Süd
simulation of A2 highway junction Wiener Neudorf
traffic simulation A4 Ost Autobahn (highway)
traffic simulation for the highway service station Steinhäusl
traffic simulation Breitenfurter Straße

Property developer consulting

We support property developers in all phases to implement their projects.
  • Traffic planning and traffic engineering appraisals
  • Planning of garages and parking lots


Medcampus Graz
Wien-Süd Ödenburger Straße
Vienna Main Station / Vienna Central Station
Seestadt Aspern
Hangzhou masterplan

Expert services

We provide expert services and carry out studys regarding all matters regarding transport and mobility.
  • expert services and expertises


expertise regarding Ennsdorf business park
tempo 30 zone Klosterneuburg

Amazon Groß Ebersdorf
swept path analysis Tokyo
Landmark Wiener Neudorf

environmental construction supervision S7 expressway
enivronmental construction monitoring A5 highway
enivronmental construction monitoring S3 expressway
enivronmental construction monitoring S7 expressway
expert services regarding austrian road law