The Project’s objectives are to enhance the mobility of Skopje’s residents by means of an automated city traffic management system throughout the city centre, coupled with the rehabilitation of Prvomajska Street (one of the City’s principal traffic corridors) to ease congestion.

The main objectives of this assignment are to support the Company’s management to deliver an administrative and operational framework for the Company, to be approved by the City, and to implement related operational improvements and financial planning in an efficient manner for all activities related to roads and streets, including the new ATM system.

These objectives will be achieved by means of a twinning partnership with an experienced operator (the “Consultant” or the “Twinning Partner”) who will work with the Company on operational improvements.




Auftraggeber: European Bank of Reconstruction and Development
Partner: TINA Vienna, NAST Consult
Projektleitung: DI Gunter Stocker
Projektbearbeitung: DI Markus Pichler MAS, DI Gunter Stocker
Projektlaufzeit: Oktober 2012 - Dezember 2015