The City of Galati, with a population of 250,000, is a significant commercial and industrial centre in southeast Romania. The City requires experienced urban road specialists to support the delivery of improved road commercialisation measures in Galati. This need includes preparing an approach to local road commercialisation that seeks to derive value and revenues from its basic public road infrastructure based on the ‘user-pays principle’. Furthermore, the assignment should provide the City with the design of a multi-year road maintenance plan, a road user charge scheme for HGV and other delivery fleets, a coordinated permit scheme for Galati’s streets and roads, and a parking fund in order to maximise the available resources for maintenance of the city’s road infrastructure for users.

Following key strategic objectives and activities can be derived:

  • Review of the status of road maintenance planning and funding and determine the optimal level of regular funding (from local, regional and national sources) for maintenance of the entire road network at good condition on a sustainable basis
  • Support the City with commercialisation of the public transport company
  • Develop road maintenance plan
  • Develop integrated permit scheme
  • Develop HGVs and delivery truck scheme for user charges
  • Assist with parking fund creation
  • Provide training support during system start-up phase
  • Organisation of stakeholder events, dialogues, workshops etc. in order moderator and discuss diverse range of interests of the private sector (logistics companies, merchants, others), the City and the utility industry active in Galati




Auftraggeber: City of Galati
Partner: TINA Vienna, NAST Consult, ASFiNAG, AV Transport Planning SRL
Projektleitung: DI Gunter Stocker
Projektbearbeitung: DI Gunter Stocker
Projektlaufzeit: März 2016 - März 2017

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